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Coast Guard Auxiliary

The Coast Guard Auxiliary is an incorporated civilian volunteer component of the United States Coast Guard (“USCG”).  The Auxiliary was established by Congress in 1939.  Although the auxiliary supports all USCG missions, it is not allowed to directly engage in either law enforcement activities or military combat operations.  The Coast Guard Auxiliary is a nonmilitary organization composed of motorboat and yacht owners and other qualified persons.  The Auxiliary provides administrative support to the Coast Guard.  Some of the services provided by the Auxiliary are safety checks, harbor patrols, safe boating courses, search and rescue, and marine environmental protection.  Pursuant to 14 USCS § 822, the purpose of the Auxiliary is to assist the Coast Guard as authorized by the Commandant, in performing any Coast Guard function, power, duty, role, mission, or operation authorized by law.  Pursuant to 14 USCS § 826, the Coast Guard may utilize for any purpose incident to carrying out its functions and duties, any motorboat, yacht, aircraft, or radio station placed at its disposition for any of such purposes by any member of the Auxiliary.  The four cornerstones of Auxiliary are Member Services, Operations and Marine Safety, Recreational Boating Safety, and Fellowship.

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